Product management is the practice of planning, developing, marketing and continuous improvement of a company’s product and UpGlocal Product Managers are Expert for this Management.

The main objective of UpGlocal is the development of a new product or optimizes the products. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you’re building the right product and building the product right.

Our Product Management Experts team does complete market research, also search for the industry trends, and do competitive analysis as well as the overall strategy and product roadmap.

On the other hand, we also focus on product branding, messaging, positioning, product launches, PR, advertising, etc.

Our Product Manager Duties

  • UpGlocal Product Manager will host meetings, discussion groups and be responsible for reporting to the business champions and product owner. These are the main points that UpGlocal covered in respect as their main duties.
  • Present a progress report to Product Owners every week. A meeting will be arranged to discuss all the reports, seek guidance on any conflicting requests or issues that may affect the strategy.
  • Meet with the Business Champions collectively thrice per month to report progress and get a consensus or feedback on any decisions or changes that need to be made. Business Champion and Product Owner attendance is optional.
  • Meet with the Product Team (development leaders and support resources) weekly. During peak development time the UpGlocal Product Manager may want to meet more regularly and include the developers.
  • Host all official meetings, minute decisions and action points and distribute these to the stakeholders.

UpGlocal Product Management Lifecycle

1: Innovation

We generate and prioritize ideas to discover all the possibilities and create an initial step to grow.

2: Analysis

We validate the market need and justify all the investment (as low as possible) and then note all the requirements needed to grow the product.

3: Development

In this phase UpGlocal Professional Product Manager’s sit together with the team, discuss & design the product outcome or solution to meet all your requirements.

4: Go-To-Market

In this phase we launch the product for some people to check the product market performance for your niche. Then we take all the feedback and take to the next step to fix.

5: In-Life

This is the last step to launch the product to the world. In this phase we fix all the issues which we get from the feedback and at last we optimize the product completely for the last time. Product is ready to launch to the world.