Nowadays, most of the projects rely on technology because it evolves at a faster pace. Our Consulting Service Team is focused on implementation for new technology in your project. Here, UpGlocal consultant checks a proposed IT project and makes it happen.

Technology never stops evolving, and new technology comes every day. So having a Consultant or an advisor on your side is vital: UpGlocal Experts Management Team never stops consuming knowledge from every industry. They consume knowledge and implement it in the project for better performance. Indeed, a company won’t solve all the technical problems alone but our experts can.

We uncover the entire right tech for your toughest business problems – no matter the industry type.

Technology Advisory Service

Sooner or later, legacy systems are stifling development. Our technology experts will help you shift strategically into new technology, while enjoying every minute of your legacy technology. Taking you down the transition path, we begin with a technology and ecosystem approach that lays the groundwork for the future. We will then build a plan for change that connects with the workforce and business processes—all in a highly secure framework.

Platform Advisory Services

Feeling overwhelmed with all the technology platforms out there? UpGlocal will help you to create the right technology strategy, develop the business case for change and provide a roadmap for the journey. From strategic development to execution, you are guaranteed that the infrastructure/technology, business processes and labor force are aligned.

UpGlocal technology consulting activity is going to include these following tasks:

  • Presenting strategies and experience to clients
  • Developing and providing solutions
  • We understand how technology impacts different departments of the organization but don’t worry we solve them
  • Communicating with team members
  • Bringing new systems and monitoring them for better project management
  • Creating documentation and showing the progress reports weekly
  • Being involved with sales, support, and maintaining contact with client organizations
  • Bringing new ideas and trends for better performance of the Project.

Areas of technology where UpGlocal consulting needed:

  • Software development
  • IT infrastructure planning
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Security consulting
  • Recovery plan

Cost Optimization: Improve the readiness of your project for support & maintenance also save your time & cost with our pre‑support auditing service and boost your project efficiency.

Digital Transformation: Boost the operating performance and ROI of your organization through process automation, digitization of workflows, and business convergence.

Re-Engineering Development: Increase the development of productivity and project visibility by introducing agile practices under the guidance of UpGlocal experts.

Service Breakdown Benchmarking: UpGlocal software consulting team tests the efficiency of the enterprise/performance of business and identifies different bottlenecks. Our experts use analysis tools without causing interference with your existing workflows.

Upgrading IT Infrastructure: With Complete technology virtualization and migration to the cloud will revitalize the hardware, software and network services and also reduce TCO.

Ready to get started?

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